Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Candles

Fall is one of my most favorite times- to decorate, bake, have fires and candles lit. Home always feels more like "home' in the fall, all the way into the new year. My mother got me an amazing candle a few weeks ago in the pear scent and I am loving it! They are so fragrant and last a very long time. My friend Elizabeth gave me one of these several years back and I burned it down to where I couldn't possibly burn it without being a fire hazard! The brand is Archipelago and here is the website! They have every scent from A to Z for about 29.00 but last a very long time! Enjoy!!!!!


We are ENGAGED and SO EXCITED!!!!! We have been so busy so I have not had time to update the blog, but it's a funny story! brian had tricked me into thinking we were going to a MUS football game all week long, then shifted the ideanto cooking steaks at home Friday night. well, Friday after I finished up with a lunch at an office we met to go to WalMart to get 40 pillows for the house at Horseshoe. On our way back to my car he prefaced Folk's Folly. He said he thought that would be easier than cooking because we had to be at Shelby Farms the next morning at 6:45 AM to volunteer for the JDRF walk. He made me make the reservation, so I was convinced this was nothing out of the ordinary! We reserved our table and had a 7:15 reservation. We had the best dinner and a cocktail in between to decide what we wanted for dessert. That was when he proposed!!! It was so sweet and heartfelt. Well, in the middle of the proposal a man came through the curtained off room we were in to see what our private room was right when Brian was about to put the ring on my finger!!! The waitress apologized profusely, but we thought it was hilarious. We felt so bad for the guy because he went back to his table and his wife was MAD! The whole restaurant was talking about what had happened. A bottle of champagne was sent over from him. We had a blast and could not be happier! We look forward to celebrating with everyone.