Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where we are supposed to be

SO MUCH has happened since my last post...... Brian and I started hearing about an agency called "Abrazo Adoption associates" in July. After talking to many agencies that we didn't love, it was refreshing to hear about Abrazo. Suddenly we heard about Abrazo from several people with really great things said about this agency. We were interested and had to know more. We submitted an application for the "Parents of Tomorrow" orientation class, praying we would make it to the August group. The next class is November and we are SO READY. Especially now that our home study is COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is part of the reason I have not been blogging, we have been very busy filling out massive amounts of paperwork...probably equivalent to about 3 trees worth! We were accepted to the class (YAY!) and made plans to visit San Antonio for this exciting weekend. This was the first BIG step and it felt pretty amazing to have something set in stone. Last weekend we traveled to San Antonio and attended (what I have to say is the very best money we have invested in our adoption search this far) orientation! Brian and I had a little time on Friday to sight see and enjoy San Antonio. The Riverwalk is so much fun! we arrived to the agency on Friday night and immediately felt right at home. We met 3 awesome couples- 2 who are "first timers" (one couple from TX and another Memphis couple!) and one couple who is an "againer"from TX and has a precious little boy who is 3.They were so helpful as they have been through this before. We all knew we were going to be friends for life after getting to know each other quickly bonding over infertility stories, passing the kleenex around as we all shared how we found our way here. The 3 ladies from abrazo were incredibly hospitable and guided us all through the weekend. They even took us to see "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" Friday night which I sobbed my way through! My favorite part of the weekend was listening to the birth mothers speak about their experiences. What incredible, selfless women! After tons of tears and laughter, we completed our orientation Saturday night and were accepted into the program with Abrazo! of course they took us out to eat a great Texas meal with Mexican food and Margaritas :) It was sad to say our goodbyes but exciting to know that we were all one step further and will get to follow each others stories unfold!!!! I can't even describe the hope that Brian and I felt after leaving Texas on Sunday. This was the first event in our journey that will result in a child no matter what. What an incredible feeling! Abrazo sent us home with a little more paperwork, which we will have to them by Wednesday. They will read our home study and we are officially ready to adopt!!!!!!! we have been working on our profile book and almost have it ready to go as well. This is getting very real and we can't wait to start having conversations with birth parents!!!!!! I am making it a priority to blog a lot more to document this exciting time in our lives. I know the moment we see our child all of the pain and heartache we have endured will be worth every minute. Please keep us in your prayers in our adoption journey!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My conversation with an amazing birthmother

Monday I received an email informing me of a wonderful lady who is pregnant. I was so thrilled to hear of this and the adrenaline started pumping through my body. I was given her name and decided to reach out. I emailed her and within a few minutes she emailed me back and we quickly decided to have a phone conversation. I was praying that she did not have an adoption plan for her child!!! We immediately bonded on the phone and spoke for 2 hours. I can't even begin to describe the amount of respect I feel for this woman. She chose life and went through an agency and had already picked a family. She was absolutely thrilled and the joy-love in her voice was overflowing. I did not want to hang up the phone with her!!! Any sadness that this was not going to be our child went away after hearing about her relationship with the family she chose. Wow! Yesterday I sent her a message thanking her for our conversation and wishing her all the very best and she sent me such an inspiring message: Lauren, Prayers out to you as you start this new journey, know and trust God is in control, he will give you EVERYTHING that is needed...Jeremiah 29:11. Cherish this verse!!!!!! I use to put the verse everywhere I felt weak or alone...At one time I had it on the windshield in my car, there were mornings I didn't want to go to work and i'd have to be reminded of his plans for me...I've put it in the shower too, I cried many times there feeling like my life had no direction...You have a purpose to be here, let God take your worries and cares and he will come through!!!!!You are an amazing mother to be and there is a gift waiting to be given to you, be patient for his blessings.
I will remember our conversation every day and will be inspired by her story. I plan to keep this verse close to me at all times. We are so incredibly excited to see what God's plan is for us!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lake house almost finished!

Brian and I have worked so hard on getting our lake house finished. we have really enjoyed it and spent a ton of time over there this summer. It is the perfect getaway! Here are some pictures of the (almost) finished product. We need new kitchen counters and a good pressure washing on the exterior. Home sweet home :)