Sunday, March 17, 2013

Harrison's nursery

Creating a nursery is something we have dreamed about for several years. It felt great to transform our guest bedroom into a baby room! Here are some of the finished product! I am still looking for a rug but can't find one I love.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Harrison 6 weeks

Here is a link to all of Harrison's pictures at 6 weeks. He is growing SO fast! So alert and observant. He has been such a great sleeper and is has slept through the night a few times! He is sucking down 4 oz. of milk and getting so big :)

Harrison 5 weeks

Harrison one month

I can't believe you are already one month old! You are the perfect baby and are so easy and fun. You are starting to really notice things around you and LOVE looking at your toys!You did so great at your one month checkup and barely cried when you had your shot. As soon as I held you the crying stopped. You hardly ever cry! Harrison's 1 month stats: Feed: You are eating 3.5 ounces about every 3 hours. At night you are only waking up once! Sometimes mommy has to wake you up to eat. daddy always gets up with you for the 6 am feedings. Weight: 8.5 lbs!. Birth Weight: 5 lbs. 12 oz. Length: probably 19.5 inches Birth Length: 19 inches Diaper Size: Newborn. But we won't be in them for too much longer. Clothes Size: You are wearing newborn clothes still :) love it! Hair Color: Dark brown Eye color: Blueish gray Funniest moment this month: Mommy and daddy needing all hands on deck to change a messy diaper! We are still learning so much!!!

Harrison week 3

Harrison's birth story part 2

Immediately after all of the activity our social worker went in to be with our birth mother. I'm going to call her T on here. Our social worker came out with the amazing news that we had a healthy baby boy and T was ready for us to come in the room. I have never been so emotional and ecstatic in my life. Brian and I were just beside ourselves. We went in the room and T was holding our precious tiny miracle. Tears started streaming down my face immediately. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. T wanted us to hold him so Brian took our sweet angel first and what an amazing moment. I've never seen such a huge smile on his face. The true definition of love at first sight. T was a champion and delivered so quickly after she became more dilated. Holding Harrison was surreal. Every moment of heartache from IVF seemed to disappear. He was perfect and a true miracle. The hospital was super caring and gave us our own private room for the night. We could not get enough of holding him in our arms! Harrison went down to T's room for a little while so they could have some time together. I am so glad that she wanted to see him and grieve properly. adoption is THE most bittersweet because of the joy of the baby mixed with the pain birth mothers experience. T did not leave my mind for a minute. I went down with harrison to tell T goodnight and ended up staying in her room for 4 hours until 4 am. It was almost like we were having a slumber party at the hospital getting to know each other better. We learned so much about each other and our families, lives, etc. She is the most incredible person in the world to me. I love her. I left with the promise of oatmeal and starbucks in the am. Brian was laughing because her order was as complicated as mine throwing in the skinny versions. The day after his birth it was T's sons birthday who was turning 3! She was feeling great but ready to go. So around lunch she left the hospital to go be with her sweet son and husband. we made plans to get sushi (both of our favorites) on Friday night. We were not able to keep our room since she was discharged, but Harrison was being kept another night to make sure he was eating properly. He was "acting his age" and not wanting to cooperate (boy have times changed w this little piggie!) and eat the amount expected. We checked into our hotel and then came back later in the evening for early intervention to show us some tips on feeding. He ended up doing great. Harrison was released on wednesday after saying goodbye to the amazing staff at alta view hospital. We were scared to death! off to our hotel we went :) We had so much fun learning how to be parents on our own, just the 2 of us figuring things out. It was such perfect bonding time for our family. Thursday we headed to the pediatrician to check and make sure all was well. It turned out his biliruben levels were high after he had to have his foot stuck which made me cry every time! The dr ordered the lamp to be sent to our hotel and for him to lay on the lamp for 24-48 hours depending on the levels when we went to get them checked on friday. at this moment we found out we had clearance to come back to Memphis which was incredibly fast! We were hoping we could go home saturday so we could keep our sushi date with our birth parents. Friday our poor angel had another foot stick and his numbers were much better. the doctor did order him to stay on the lamp until we left to go home. He also wrote our sweet 5 day old baby a note clearing him to fly :) We were so disappointed that harrison would not be able to come to dinner friday. Brian decided he would be the one to stay home with him while I went to dinner. More on dinner with our birth parents next post :)