Monday, June 3, 2013

Harrison's first beach trip

At the beginning of May we went on our annual trip for the Memphis Bar Association to Tops'l in Sandestin, FL. brian can get CLE credits and I can get in some beach time! Can't go wrong there! The conference started on Wednesday so we headed down to watercolor Beach on Sunday for a pre vacation. We had the very best time. Harrison went to all of our favorite restaurants with us (Cafe Thirty A, Red Bar, Vue, The Meeting Place at Watercolor, Stinky's Fish Camp) and was perfect!Our dinners were just much earlier with a baby :) Where we stayed was right near Seaside so we could stroll over and hang out and of course eat, which is my favorite thing to do at the beach! It was a little chilly and windy the first few days so we had to shield him from the wind and of course the sun. We had a great setup that worked perfect for us! we can't wait for this trip every year with him. Looking forward to going back to the beach in favorite month down there!

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